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Stretch wrapping equipment

Design, construction and manufacturing of automatic and semi-automatic pallet stretch wrapping machines. This includes integrating our machines into complex production lines, specially developed to automate the complete packaging process.

Rotating Ring machines

Pallet wrapping machines with rotary ring The pallet wrapping machines with rotary ring are the top of the range, first for technology and innovation among the Stretch wrapping machines for packing of Atlanta Stretch. They are machines completely automatic that do not need any intervention by the operator, and allow the application of a film of plastic material […]

Rotary Arm machines

Rotary arm stretch wrapper operate by placing under the so called rotating arm The machine arm including the carriage submitting the film revolves ones the start button is pushed and LLDPE Stretch-film is wrapped around the pallet as it rotates. Pallet stretch wrap machines with rotary arm are in specific used in case of instable, […]

Rotating turntable machines

Turntable wrapping machine operate by placing a pallet onto a turntable The turntable revolves when the start button is pushed and LLDPE Stretch-film is wrapped around the pallet as it rotates. Atlanta Stretch uniquely guarantees the user: Easy installation Low maintenance costs Robust, durable and reliable machines Consumables are made from LLDPE Stretch-film and automatic […]

Mobile wrapping machines

A semi-automatic wrapping machine with a self-guide moving independently around the pallet to be wrapped These mobile wrapping machines can wrap in less than a minute palletized loads of any shape, weight and dimension. It is particularly suitable to wrap heavy, unstable, or over-dimensioned pallets.

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