Modula vertical automated storage solutions are designed to save space, save time and improve process efficiency. The automated vertical storage solutions have been designed following the “goods to man” principle: operators no longer have to move through the warehouse to pick up the goods, but the products are brought directly to the picking bay. The picking bay can be customized in different configurations according to the different needs of the customer.Proper management of picking within vertical storage industrial translates into competitiveness on the market, especially when performance becomes crucial, in terms of speed of order management and fulfillment. Each operation can be traced and the picking errors are drastically reduced thanks to simple and intuitive visual aids.

Vertical storage solutions

Modula Lift: the vertical storage system with 90.000 Kg of capacity! 
Modula Lift: the vertical storage system with 90.000 Kg of capacity! The Modula vertical lift system is the ideal solution to store any industrial products, components or spare parts in all possible industrial environments, industries and departments. Many companies have chosen a Modula storage system to reorganize and improve workflow due to its flexibility, the wide range of models, the overall design and ease of use. Software can be used with a Modula vertical storage system or as a stand-alone system that manages all possible warehouse operations or, a combination of both. To gain the most benefit from your Modula and increase your productivity, we offer a wide range of accessories.

Modula Slim: All the benefits of a vertical lift system in the space of a vertical carousel 
the compact vertical storage systemModula Slim is the smart choice for anyone looking for a totally flexible vertical storage solution. You can store all sorts of materials and products in your Modula Slim vertical storage system: loose materials, containers (boxes, bins, packs, cartons, cases), small items, spare parts, coils, flasks.

What Modula Slim can do for you? 

  • Recover floor space, making the most of storage density
  • Reduce picking times
  • Make materials accessible to all operators, quickly and ergonomically
  • Keep stock levels and all storage system items under control
  • Integrate easily into your company processes by communicating with all ERP systems
  • Track picking and refilling operations, identifying who did what and control every access
  • Eliminate picking and refilling errors by guiding the operator through the process
Modula OnePick, the complete automated warehouse 
Modula OnePick, the complete automated warehouse

Automation at the highest level with the new automated warehouse picking system the OnePick.
OnePick is a Modula Lift automated warehouse picking system with a special picking bay equipped with a Cartesian robot moving along 2 axes (X and Y).

The bay is set at a predefined height so it integrates seamlessly with rollers, conveyors, belts and other systems, completely automatically. In the OnePick bay, a gripper device retrieves the box and places it in front of the bay on a surface external to the machine.

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